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FCC Media Bureau, Engineering Division, web site:


FCC Cable Operations and Licensing System (COALS) main filing site:


FCC eCFR Part 76 MVPD Rules:


FCC Rules for non-cable MVPDs:

See eCFR Section 76.614 and 76.1803 (within


FCC page for non-cable MVPDs:


FCC Antenna Structure Registration: 


FCC eCFR Part 17 – Construction & Marking of Antenna Structures




FAA OE/AAA Obstruction Evaluation:


FAA Notice to Airmen (“NOTAM”) reporting:  877-487-6867




Cable and Wireless Provisioning and Monitoring Services:


Steve Johnson, Johnson Telecom, LLC: Emergency Alert and

  National Electrical Code Specialist:


Signal Leakage Flyovers

by ControlCam (Mar-Tech):

by The Frequency Finders:


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