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Stephen Flessner


Steve is a regulatory technical compliance subject matter expert, specializing in cable television and broadband compliance evaluation and non-financial reporting to various agencies like the FCC, FAA, and others.  As an industry veteran, he has worked for the largest MSO as well as several small MSOs, both as an employee and as a consultant.  His initial experience was with operations and engineering, which led to mid- and upper-level management positions.  These experiences have provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the issues faced by today’s broadband companies.


As a Director of compliance with Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI), Steve pioneered the licensing of digital QAM channels and two-way channels on CARS microwave systems, allowing cable operators to launch new technologies like digital channels and high speed internet over their microwave networks.  He also assisted in the streamlining of the FCC Form 320, the signal leakage report, in order to minimize the paperwork burden.  He designed and led TCI’s activity to comply with the FCC’s initial Antenna Structure Registration program.  At Adelphia, he oversaw the first electronic filing of the Form 320, which even further lessened the compliance burden.   Over the course of his career he has been heavily involved in the evaluation of due diligence materials relating to compliance for acquisitions (M&A).  His latest work, at Windjammer Cable, was expanded to administering various contracts, including pole attachment agreements, property leases, state and local video franchises, and railroad wireline crossings.


Steve continues to grow and maintain his contacts with various regulatory agencies, making recommendations that help operators negotiate the compliance gauntlet.  Although detail-oriented, he can see the big picture and works with all parties involved to arrive at acceptable solutions.


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